Al Sharpton Scam With NBC Money


NBC has sank it’s credibility ship with payment to Al Sharpton. ┬áHe was paid to ┬átravel to Ferguson Mo. and incite the black marchers, in hopes of increasing viewers and advertisers. This false sympathy for Micheal Brown’s family and the people of Furguson will most likley have no impact on the frenzied marchers. The marchers who got an early smell of blood and a notion that noise would create an instant conviction, seem to care less about an investigation or facts. Tonight proved that other view points would not be tolerated. An incident occured when a white lady who supported the police officer,Darren Wilson, tried to march with a sign in support of Wilson. Marchers began to hurl rocks and bottles and scream obcentities at the lady and Police had to wisk her to safety. Still no word from the Grand Jury.